“Because the ornate architecture of history should never be tossed aside to deteriorate in a landfill. Rather, it should be meticulously preserved for another generation’s usefulness.” 
- Nita Black

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Antique Store in Scottsdale, AZ

If you're looking for exceptional antique furniture or home decor items for your home or business, you couldn't have come to a better place! Vintage Nita Designs specializes in the restoration and repurposing of old furniture. As the founder of Vintage Nita Designs, I am truly passionate about the work I do. Each piece goes through a meticulous restoration process to ensure buyer satisfaction.

Backed by a lifelong passion for bringing new life to old, neglected furniture, Vintage Nita Designs offers a variety finely refurbished furnishing to fit your taste and budget.
Vintage Nita Designs is an online vintage furniture store that specializes in restoring old and vintage furniture, as well as handmade distressed vintage style stationery and greeting cards for all occasions. Here at Vintage Nita Designs, I am truly passionate about the work we do and it shows in the quality of products we have on offer. Each antique furniture piece we put on offer goes through a meticulous restoration process to ensure that the person who buys it gets to enjoy it for a long time to come. 

​Whether you're looking for office tables, dining tables, cabinets, chairs, side tables, or other types of old and vintage furniture to start your collection or add to your existing collection, you're sure to find exactly what you want when you come to us here at Vintage Nita Designs.
Premier Online Furniture Destination
Vintage Nita Designs serves the needs of home and business owners in the greater Phoenix area. I'm proud to offer the convenience of shopping for my items here - online!

​Be sure to watch for my month promotional pieces!
With a firm commitment to total customer satisfaction, we see to it that each product on offer meets or exceeds the expectations of even the most meticulous buyers. Here at Vintage Nita Designs, I don't just restore vintage furniture to its optimal condition, I also add my own personal twist, making each a one of a kind item you won't find anywhere else!

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